Wednesday, February 16, 2011

我会说一点点 (wǒ huì shuō yī diǎndiǎn)

Every blog has a first entry and this blog starts here. The current title of this blog (wo hui shuo yi dian dian) means of course, I can speak a little (Chinese). I hope that is correct, but thats the whole point. I am going to try to get serious with my Chinese studies, well, at least a little more serious. I hope by blogging new words and phrases as they come to me, I will learn more and remember more. This blog is not a diary, I will mostly just post new words and what not. I will post pinyin with all characters (at least for now) and I will mostly use simplified chinese characters. To be honest, I like traditional characters better (they are easier to read) but simplified is what most of my self study books use. I might post either set of characters though. My goal is to speak Chinese with no problem, will I get there? I hope so. 再见[zaijian]